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Art & Culture (GS 1) - Mains Workbook to Make Personalized Notes for UPSC Civil Services Exam

Art & Culture (GS 1) - Mains Workbook to Make Personalized Notes for UPSC Civil Services Exam

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For the First-Time in the UPSC Civil Services Preparation Sector, A product has been launched to help the aspirants to make their own notes as per the requirements of the exam, and therefore will prevent the serious loss of time that aspirants face, when they take the incorrect path in note-making. This product will save "Months and Years" of time for the aspirants.

Short Product Description: It is a workbook that will help you to make handwritten notes, for the complete syllabus of Art & Culture portion in General Studies (GS) 1 paper of UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam. The workbook has been designed after exhaustive research on Previous Year Questions (PYQs). The note-making directions in this workbook will help you to write your own notes in the correct path required to succeed in the Mains exam. You will save "Months of time", as you will NOT have to research on "how to organize and present the data in your notes, so that you can cover entire syllabus systematically while simultaneously formatting it in such a way that it is easy for multiple quick revisions". We have done all that process for you in this workbook, you will just have to pick up your study resources, read them and understand, and then start filling this workbook. Once this workbook is filled, it will serve as a "One-time Notes" for all your Mains attempts and will help you to focus on answer-writing, revision and test simulation. This will increase your chances to secure a rank significantly because time-management is extremely crucial for success in UPSC CSE.

Total Pages (Excluding Colored Cover Pages applicable in case of Books): 280

Page Quality: Front Cover: 300 GSM Colored with OHP Transparent Sheet | Back Cover: Colored PVC Sheet | Inner Pages: 70 GSM

Binding Type: Spiral Binding with 5 mm holes for ease of flipping pages.

Payment Mode: Online & Prepaid

Order Type: Regular

GST rate & HSN: Nil | HSN - 49 - Printed Books (Workbooks)

Shipment Weight (Kg) & Dimesnions (cm): 1 & 33x23x6.5

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Problem Statement: Making your personal notes is the most important exercise for succeeding in UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam. But, Majority of the aspirants do not understand how to make these notes. They either copy the same information from the textbooks/standard resources and/or add a lot of information in their notes that are not in consonance with the current requirements of the exam. Aspirants spend year after year fine tuning their notes and therefore lose significant amount of time and resources without achieving breakthrough in the exam. And, when nothing works, some aspirants start reading ready-made compilations/notes that can barely help them to score better than the rest, because “content differentiation” is extremely vital to score high in the mains exam. That high-score can happen only through your personal notes.

How to make your notes? and what to include in them? has been a challenge and a mystery for the most

Mains Workbook by has been designed to solve this problem efficiently and effectively.

The following are the features of the Mains Workbook:

1. The workbook has been designed after thorough and extensive research of multiple standard textbooks, resources, and previous year questions (PYQs).

2. By understanding the content of those standard resources & PYQs, note-making directions have been included throughout this workbook, which will enable the aspirant to write and organize the learnt/processed information from standard resources, in this workbook, in a way that stimulates active learning and makes it easy for multiple revisions.

3. Comprehensive coverage of syllabus that is based on the trends in PYQs.

4. Directions for note-making to encourage the aspirant to make use of efficient ways of data organization through keywords, smart-arts, and other diagrams, so that the notes are concise and to-the-point.

How will the Mains Workbook help you to make the best notes for yourself?

Hard-work without direction gives nothing in return. Success can only be achieved by walking on the correct path. This correct path can be traversed when there’s correct guidance based on well-researched strategy.

With this workbook, you will finally be able to make “notes” for your UPSC Civil Services Mains Preparation, which is:

1. Not copy-pasted from any resource but written by yourself, in your own hand-writing, in the language that you understand quickly.

2. Personalized for you, with examples and data that is specific to your preparation and studies. This will help you to achieve “content differentiation”, as opposed to similar content referred by majority of the aspirants reading ready-made compilations/notes. After this exercise, your chances of scoring high in the Mains exam will sky-rocket, as your answers will stand out with “unique data”, from the rest.

3. Effective for you to learn the methods of efficient organization and super-fast recall of data (through keywords, smart-arts & other such diagrams), that will ultimately result in higher memory recall and answer-writing speeds in the real exam.


What is the utility of the Mains Workbook?

1. It will help you in making your own notes as per the requirements of the syllabus and the trends in the questions asked in UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam.

2. It will help you in making your notes “Concise and Precise” so that it is easy to revise. Revision is the key for scoring high marks in the Mains Exam as you must write 4 GS Papers in just 2 days of time. Mains Workbook will help you to revise the entire syllabus before the exam day.

3. It will help you in creating a “one-time notes” for all your Mains Exam attempts, so that you always have your base/foundational notes ready and get enough time for answer-writing, test series and revision during the crucial period between Prelims Exam and Mains Exam. With your notes ready, you will have the opportunity to make the best use of Mains Exam attempt and secure a rank.

How to use the Mains Workbook?

1. This workbook is supposed to be filled ONLY after you complete the first round of reading of your study resources. Do NOT fill the workbook as you keep reading a textbook for the first time. It is important that you develop thorough understanding of the topic before writing anything about it.

2. The themes/topics and the note-making directions in the workbook are prepared as per the findings in the Previous Year Questions (PYQs), so that your notes stay aligned to the requirements of the current exam trends.

3. Write your points in very short-sentences and use “SMART-ART” and diagrams to “SAY MORE” in “LESS WORDS”. This is important because, this ability of “EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION” will help you to write to-the-point answers and will help you to finish your papers within the allotted time in the mains exam.

4. Write only “KEY-WORDS” where ever possible, so that you can recall the entire explanation just by looking at the keyword. This will enable you to do multiple revisions quickly and efficiently.

5. Write the source name beside the topic, it will help you to go back and look at it when you fail to remember things fully.

6. Most of the textbooks have same content, you can refer to any STANDARD textbook of your choice, that everyone else is reading. For topics which are not found in your textbook, use INTERNET and GOOGLE to gather information and fill it in the workbook.

How will the Mains Workbook help you in maximizing your chances of securing a rank?

If you just refer to ready-made notes or compilations, you will fail short of “UNIQUE” content in your answers. Without “UNIQUE” and “CREATIVE” content in your answers, you will never be able to raise your scores above the average marks. Mains workbook will help you to generate unique content for every topic in the syllabus, because of which your answers will stand-out and fetch high scores.

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