Cancellation, Refund & Return Policy

Payment Policy

  • What are the accepted payment modes? All payments are Pre-paid and are made through the either payment gateway or UPI Payments (Manual).

  • Why is Cash on Delivery (COD) not available? COD payment usually has upto 10% of the order value as COD fee which is passed onto the customers by an inflated product price. Also, COD is not servicable for all pin-codes and by all courier companies. Additionally, if COD orders are not accepted by the customer, the seller has to pay the return courier fee. Due to all these reasons, COD is not available on our platform.

Refund Policy

  • Request for Cancellation before the shipping label is generated: Eligible for full refund (No questions asked).

  • Request for Cancellation after the shipping label is generated: No Cancellation and No Refund.

  • Request for Refund for a lost shipment or fully damaged product: Upto Full Refund (after verifying the details on a case to case basis). For fully damaged shipments, the shipment unboxing video is mandatory for full or any refund. Always record the unboxing of your shipments so that you can show us the proof and demand your claim for refund.

  • Request for replacement for a faulty product manufactured by Send us the video of the faulty product and we will replace the product for you without any questions.

Return Policy

  • No Returns: We do not accept returning of our shipments under any circumstances. If the shipment is found to be faulty, it can be refunded or replaced as per the policy mentioned above.